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I love Internal Family Systems. I also love Polyvagal Theory. Now we have Polyvagal Theory through an IFS lens, thanks to Ruth Culver who has combined both in her Survive Thrive Spiral.

The ultimate goal of Internal Family Systems Therapy is Self-Leadership. When you live in survivor mode, you are organised to protect yourself from emotional pain. You use proven strategies, either shutting down and collapsing or speeding up, keeping busy to distract. Healing brings more Self-Energy, more connection, resilience and joy.

Polyvagal Theory is a way to understand how human beings are wired to connect with each other. It explains how connection helps you to survive, and what happens to your nervous system when you feel unsafe and move towards disconnection. Having the ability to regulate by yourself and with others allows more flow and ease in your life. It allows you to move from survival to thriving and flourishing.